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Dave Folks Bio

I am a Southern California based freelance commercial and automotive photographer with over 20 years of experience in the industry.


I began my professional career working at UC Santa Barbara in the Instructional Resources Photography Department. I really enjoyed the university environment due to the ever-changing nature of the work, which included photography for architecture, sports, events, scientific imaging, product, archival documentation, aerial and underwater photography and digital editing. I traded my position as Principal Photographer for a position as Director of Photography at Viewpoint in New York City.


At Viewpoint, our focus was on developing web-based 3D product visualization technology. As the technology and our clientele’s requirements evolved, I adapted by improving my skillsets to meet the ever-changing demands. As is evident from my portfolios, the wide range of services I provide reflects the highly varied needs of our clientele. In 2008 Viewpoint acquired Springbox and adopted the name. I continued to serve as Director of Photography at Springbox until 2016.


Lately, I have been focused on Real Estate photography, 360° VR product tours, Motorsports, and Environmental Portraits.

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